About TTC Tai Chi (Taiji)

WELCOME to THE TAIJI CENTRE,  home of  Tai Chi classes with Julie Lucas in Churchill and Morwell , Latrobe Valley, Victoria.  (Classes)

The Taiji Centre is not a place venue,  instead it refers to one’s own physical centre, which one becomes aware of, as a result of Taiji (Tai Chi) training. Being mindful of one’s Centre, assists in training physical and psychological balance. Greater stability is achieved as the physical centre becomes more true, with attention to correcting alignments with relaxed mindful exercises assisted by calm breathing. 

Practising Taiji / Qigong helps to one to feel calm: to have a still mind and relaxed body. It does not take long to achieve awareness of this and becomes a deeply motivating force to continue. Unlike other exercise systems the key is to practise mindfully and to continue adjusting the body as awareness of its tensions improves. Consistent, regular practice of these relaxed movements, leads to enhanced mind-body connections and improved feelings of well-being.

Many studies have shown that practising Taiji / Qigong positively impacts on many of the main stress related health syndromes, and improves physical balance. 

  • External events have  reduced effects, as stressful responses are lessened by the more relaxed awareness state. (Managing force with softness.)
  • Ones own vitality is improved as energy (Qi) becomes more fully available.
  • Practising with awareness of one’s own  Taiji Centre is also a path of self discovery, at one’s own pace, according to one’s own need.

“Taiji”  (The modern ‘Pinyin’ word for the older ‘T’ai Chi’ ) is an abbreviation of ‘Taijiquan’, a famous Chinese Martial Art.  However, most Western Taiji classes use the martial forms as a ‘Qigong’ or a training system to promote improved health. The purpose of this training is to bring one into a balanced or wholistic state of wellbeing.  To practice Taiji  is therefore a way to cultivate physical and psychological balance.

New Participants are  introduced to  basic Tai Chi principles and movements for beginners in the following program:

The TTC Foundations Course (Taiji and Qigong Exercises-TQE) begins with one term which may be extended indefinitely or as preferred. (The Program)

Further programs may be offered depending on interest, including Private Tuition

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