Tai Chi Classes  are held at  Morwell and Churchill  (Latrobe Valley, Victoria).

Classes start in the first week of February and then follow school term scheduled dates until shortened at the end of Term 4.

Public Holidays also reduce the number of sessions provided – particularly for the Monday Morwell sessions

Term 1, 2020     Morwell      Feb 3 – Mar 23         (7 weeks*) 

                             Churchill     Feb 4 – Mar 24         (8 weeks)

Term 2, 2020     Morwell       Apr 20- Jun-22       (9 weeks*)

                             Churchill     Apr 14 – Jun 23      (10 weeks)

Term 3, 2020     Morwell       Jul 13 – Sep 14       (10 weeks)

                             Churchill     Jul 14  – Sep 15       (10 weeks)

Term 4, 2020     Morwell      Oct 5  – Dec 7           (10 weeks)

                             Churchill     Oct 6 – Dec 8           (9 weeks*)

* Classes are not scheduled for Public and School Holidays

See more details below. For further inquiries or to make a booking go to  *Contact* 

MORWELL, DAY CLASS: Mondays, 1-2 PM 

  • Classes are held in the Foyer, at Kernot Hall, (Venue next to the Lake, behind the GippsTafe) on Princes Drive, Morwell
  • Doors open at 1, for registration and signing in, before starting approx. 1.05  pm.
  • Ample parking is available in the carpark adjacent to railway line and limited parking is available alongside the lake and Kernot Hall Entry.


  • There will be no Morwell sessions scheduled for Labour day  – Mar 9, Easter Monday – April 13, Queen’s Birthday – Jun 8, Public Holidays.
  • Occasional venue changes are advised at a prior class, whereupon the session is switched to the Morwell District Girl Guide Hall, 33 Mc Donald St, near the Morwell Leisure Centre (enter from Margaret St.)  Ample off- road parking is available .
  • See also:  News Update for these change notifications.

CHURCHILL,  DAY CLASS TUES 9-10 am and 10-11 am 



  • Doors open at 9 or 10 am or  6 pm for registration, before starting approx. 5 mins after.
  • Enter the building at glass doors, Follow corridor to right (alongside the Library); room is first door on the left. 
  • Parking is available in Phillip Pde and also inside the designated off-road car-park next to the Skate Park . 
  • There will be no Churchill sessions scheduled for Melb Cup Day – Term 4, Nov  3, Public Holiday.


  • Inquiries will be accepted for a possible future class. 


  1. Medical Certificate: ALL persons must sign a declaration that they are in sound health OR to provide a Medical Certificate to support their participation in TTC classes.
  2. Free Trial: The first week of attendance (at any time during the term) is a Free Trial for newcomers or if attending a different Course Program
  3. There are 2 Fee Payment Options: Option 1_This option has 2 fees payable: Part A_ Term Fee and Part B_ Attendance Fee.
  4. Part A) The “Term Fee” is $35 or $25 conc. per term ( Note price rise + $5 from 2020). and is due at the first week  attended or the next following free trial. It is non- refundable.
  5. Part B) The “Attendance Fee”: This is $5.00 for ALL, and is payable at each session attended. (Except for the newcomers’ free trial session).
  6. Credit will be considered upon request where total fees for pro-rata attendance is greater than $10/ session.
  7.  Option 2. Fee is for the Single Session Payment (apart from the trial session) is $10 for all.
  8. Up-Front Total Term Payment Option also exists for all Classes by arrangement, following the formula of Total of Applicable Term Fee plus the Scheduled number of term weeks @ $5. There is no discount offered – it is for attendee convenience only. Credit will be arranged for any missed sessions.
  9. Class Size is limited.
  10. Cancellation: TTC reserves the right to cancel the program (with notification).
  11. Pre-requisite: Please read through the information at Important Notice before starting your new class.
  12. Prior booking: This is required to ensure that class placement is available.
  13. Note *Dates and Venues are subject to Changes. These will be advised at preceding sessions, the News Link at the website  , or by direct contact as needed.

The TTC Registration Form and Class Notices are currently available at classes or  by request.