This Taiji Program, like all exercise groups, is a dangerous activity!


To safeguard yourself from risk to yours and others well being, please ensure that the following rules, extracted from The Taiji Centre (TTC)  Code of Conduct are adhered to:

  • Appropriate loose comfortable clothing is worn
  • Covered footwear is worn and at ALL times
  • Your personal drink bottle is brought along and used as needed
  • Changes in well-being during the class, e.g. bleeding/ dizziness to be reported immediately
  • Changes in health including: pregnancy, infectious disease, injury, or other conditions which become known during the course of the program to be advised
  • Discrimination free policy operates with respect to class behaviour
  • A no-contact policy operates (permission to touch always sought)
  • Whilst all due care shown is to be shown by the instructor, it is the responsibility of the participant to exercise at a level that is safe and appropriate to one’s condition. Do not overexert.

The Taiji Centre Registration Form * must be completed and signed as a requirement for participation in all TTC programs, including Trial sessions. *Available for completion prior to each class.

Julie Lucas (Instructor) has over 20 years Taiji (Tai Chi) experience and is currently qualified as follows:

  • Accredited NCAS Level 1 Coach -Tai Chi (1995-2024)
  • Member of Kungfu Wushu Australia (KWA) Victorian Branch (KWV).
  • Signatory to the MAIA Code of Conduct
  • Work Place Safety (Level 2) First Aid
  • Member of Tai Chi Association Australia Inc. (TCAA Inc.)
  • Professional Insurance

Please Note: Fragrances and fragrant personal care products affect my wellbeing and maybe for others; I would be grateful if you would avoid / minimise their use for these sessions. (Thank you.)