News Release

April 16, 2009

MORWELL DAYTIME TAI CHI group resumes next Monday April 20th still at Kernot Hall 1-2 pm. This is a low cost, introductory program of basic Taiji (Tai Chi) health methods and exercises. Practising these easy and simple movements in the Taiji way, trains the body and mind to relax and to release unnecessary and potentially harmful tension.

Stress has been shown by many scientific reports to be associated with the development of most major health problems, including heart disease; it is also one factor that the individual can take charge of and from their personal perspective, learn to moderate their response.

Practising Tai Chi regularly has been recommended by many of the large health organisations and has been scientifically shown to enhance health outcomes in many studies of its practitioners. This is mainly attributed to the calmer body states attained but also because of the suitability of the Taiji exercise for a wide cross-section of abilities and needs. Taiji is user friendly, but for best results the beginner should choose an appropriate program suited to their needs and abilities.

The Taiji Centre’s ‘Foundations Program‘ of repetitive simple exercises practised in a controlled, focused and non- competitive way is a suitable introduction to most beginners; its purpose is to encourage a positive attitude to health exercise in a friendly and non-competitive group atmosphere. Generally, participants notice improved feelings of energy and well-being from regular practice.

The Instructor, Julie Lucas is accredited through the Australian Wushu (Kungfu) Federation and Australian Sports Commission (National Coaching Accreditation Scheme – Tai Chi) and has almost 20 years Taiji experience. For more information and also to register for an evening class, please contact ‘The Taiji Centre’ ph 51222588 or