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AT TERM 1, 2022, TTC  CLASSES CONT. TO BE “ON HOLD” and unlikely to recommence before July 2022

TTC CLASSES FOR 2021, Term 1-4 are currently “ON HOLD” due in part to Covid19 restrictions, but also due to family care responsibilities. I will keep my registrations current with view to re-starting in Feb, 2022, when my position will likely be better placed to give proper attention to my classes. 

Hi Everyone,

Term 1, 2019

WELCOME back to a New Year of Tai Chi.

I hope you feel refreshed and ready to start / come together again to explore this wonderful art of gentle mindful exercise. 

Again we are in the midst of experiencing a very hot and dry  summer and that looks to continue deep into the first term. So please check my “Hot Weather” tab for Guidelines and possible cancellations -especially at the Morwell venues.

Chinese (Lunar) New Year is also coming up on Feb 5 when the Chinese Zodiac swings into the phase of the Earth Pig. See the link below for just one example of what to expect and (to be mindful of) in the coming period.

Thanks, Julie

Term 1 – 2018 (Summer Autumn)

Welcome to the New Year!

And with it comes the warmer often stifling weather. Please be reminded that classes may be cancelled if unduly hot conditions coincide with venues lacking in suitable climate control.

VENUE CHANGE -Morwell – Monday Feb 12, 2018

The Guide Hall will be used for the Week 3 Morwell Class in Term 1.

Term 2 – 2017 (Autumn- Winter)

With Term 1 seemingly over in a flash this year, Summer has gone, with the end of Daylight savings, and now the cool shorter Autumn days are preparing us to withdraw our energy; to store instead of expending it; to begin winding down in preparation for Winter.


Please note that the previously advised venue change for the Morwell class at week 6, May 29, has now been overturned, and that it will be conducted from the Kernot Hall venue as usual.


Term 2 has a number of Public Holidays affecting all classes, so please update yourselves re these from the “Classes” site.

Term 1 2016 _Churchill Day Session New Fee structure

Churchill Day Class fee structure has changed to the dual system as with the other classes. The Up-Front Fee is now replaced by a smaller upfront “TERM FEE” ($30/$20 conc.) with a $5 ATTENDANCE FEE paid at each session after the free trial .

Term 1 2016 (Summer _Autumn)

Welcome back to Taiji in 2016. Hope you are all are relaxed, well and looking forward to the new year and ready to start a new term of peaceful Taiji recreation.

Morwell Class  Venue Change for Feb 29, 2016

As advised to all Morwell participants, changes to the venue apply occasionally during the year. I have been advised that week 5 – Feb 29 Kernot Hall is not available, so the venue will switch to the Morwell Guide Hall in Margaret Street, as previously.

REMINDER: Term 1 classes are contingent upon Hot Weather ConditionsI have simplified this now, see here or  select from the tab at the stop of the page. 


Term 3, 2015 (Winter _Spring)

Changes apply for the Morwell Class Sessions

I have been notified that Kernot Hall is unavailable on the following dates:

1. Week 2 –  July 20

2. Week 3 – July 27

Both sessions will be switched to the Wings venue also known as Ronald Reserve Hall, in Vary St . Morwell (Next to the Morwell Scout Hall and the Pegasus and Morwell East Sporting Club rooms and grounds.)

Term 3, 2014 (Winter- spring)

26/8/14  Hand Exercises

Here is a great link to strengthen the hands by increasing their flexibility. Use for improved functioning or as mindful exercises by combining with breathing as well.


 6/5/14 CHURCHILL 


Please register your interest by contacting me at 5122 2588  with view to commencing ASAP.

 21/4/14 – MORWELL

With the Coalmine Smoke Emergency deemed over now, the Morwell class is ready to go! Hopefully our Tai Chi community has weathered those dreadful conditions without significant issues to their personal well being and are ready to begin anew.

Term 1 2014 (Summer-Autumn)

 25/2/14 – MORWELL

Morwell Class continues to be cancelled for Mar 3 and for Public Holiday Mar 10. Expression of interest is sought for the the remaining 3 sessions of term @ 17, 24 and 31. Of course these dates are still subject to appropriate conditions for the class to be held re the “Coalmine Smoke” effect.

 25/2/14 – CHURCHILL

Churchill Class may also be cancelled at short notice if the prevailing wind is drawing Coal mine Smoke into the town. If smoke is visible at ground level; there is  obvious smoke odour or there is north or north westerly wind ( which will bring it in), then the session will be cancelled. You are advised to contact Julie after 2pm, on class day, if uncertain or come from out of town. 

 18/2/14 – MORWELL


Please be advised that due  to the ongoing risk to not only my personal health, but also to my class members- especially those who have any ongoing medical treatment (e.g. involving the cardio-vascular, respiratory or immune systems, etc) that as a result of the smoke, dust and lowered air quality, the Morwell class has been cancelled until further notice. I will review the situation upon the advice of the EPA and reschedule ASAP.

The Churchill Class will continue as advertised below unless advised otherwise. All Members from Morwell class are welcome to attend.

I further note that as it has been advised by the Chief Officer of the Vic Fire Authority, today Tue. 18 Feb,2014, that persons – especially those who have pre-existing health issues –  should be regularly taking leave from the Morwell low air quality environment . That is it is being recommended to visit neighbouring areas for several hours at a time or better to take leave altogether for several days, until the current monitoring of carbon monoxide for the area, has established safe levels of air quality. The current fire which is expected to continue for weeks or worse, at Morwell Open cut, has been called the worst fire ever experienced for the Morwell region in terms of its overall impact. 

Jan -Feb 2014

Happy Chinese New Year (Jan 31) the year of the Horse, and thank-you for your ongoing support of my Taiji sessions in 2013. I look forward to welcoming you back this term. Please note the following information applicable from Term 1, 2014 as appropriate for each venue

 2014 Start Dates for Churchill / Morwell Tai Chi  TTC sessions

Term Fee Rise

Hot Weather sessions.

Occasional Change of Venue for Morwell Class 

I apologise for not sending out reminder notices  (I see you DO need them!) but please be advised that Term 1 Classes started Feb 3 – Morwell, and Feb 4 -Churchill. (Term 1  Business cards with the correct details for your venues are available at your class.)

Term Fee Rise

Rising costs have forced an increase in the TTC Term Fee, commencing at Term 1, to $30 or $20 concession. The Attendance Fee will remain at $5 per week attended.

Hot Weather Sessions – Morwell

Hot weather is a problem for class attendance, and although the cooling fans suffice in mildly hot weather, since neither of my Morwell venues have air conditioners available for your very hot middle of the day sessions, the following additional conditions will now be applied.
1. When a session occurs on a day with the expected temp of 35C or over, the session will be automatically cancelled. (I will monitor and review this to see whether that cut-off is appropriate for most participants. (Please advise.)

2. I will also cancel on a ‘very hot day’  if I receive sufficient advice. Therefore if you cannot attend class on a very hot day (for any reason) please notify your apologies by 9 am  on the day of the class (text my mobile, or leave a message on my home answer service) so that the session can be cancelled if there are insufficient numbers – min 5.

3. To check whether a class has been cancelled due to insufficient numbers in hot weather, please ph my home number for a recorded message after 9.30 on the day or contact my mobile for a reply.

Hot Weather sessions – Churchill

The Hub venue is equipped with suitable air conditioning; therefore classes will not be automatically cancelled in extremely hot weather.

 Of course the heat of the day may have got the better of you and others, so in consideration for those who travel from other towns especially, please notify apologies before 3:00pm, so that I the session can be cancelled if numbers are too low. 

To inquire whether the session has been cancelled, please contact after 4.30 pm.

Morwell Venue User Clashes, 2014

Occasionally the Latrobe City Venues Office advises an unforeseen clash with my Monday session. On those days I will switch the venue  to the Morwell District Guide Hall in Morwell (as previously). I will advise when this is needed.

The hall is situated at the end of Margaret St, faces the Leisure centre and is in Norman Brooks Park. Enter from Princes Hwy between the Aldi’s and the Post Office; turn into Hoyle or Hopetoun; continue to end, turn R into Margaret and park out front of grey brick building. Morwell District Guide hall entrance gate is to L side.

Please be reminded that many chemical odours including fragrances affect my wellbeing, and remember to avoid or minimise their use for these sessions. (Thank you.)

I hope you all had a refreshing holiday break and wish you all health and happiness for the New Year and for your Tai Chi Exercise sessions. 🙂

Julie Lucas