The Program


Taiji  and Qigong Exercises (TQE)

(These consist of simple exercises selected from the 8 Silk Brocades; the Taiji Qigong Shibashi and others. They have been  chosen for their general health application and the ease of  mastery.)

This current program  is  conducted at both venues which enables  for greater flexibility to attend a class. As a Foundations Program it familiarises participants with 3 key Tai Chi / Qigong concepts: regulating the posture, the breath and the mind, from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory. Their combined purpose is to foster harmonious circulation of one’s Qi (energy) for good health and longevity.

The Program’s basic exercises encourage the mind and body to release tension (to be relaxed and naturally calm). The exercises are easy to follow, and there is no pressure to remember ’what comes next’. All exercises are fully directed, and with the teacher facing the group. 

Is Suitable For:

  • Beginners: As an introduction to the systems of Tai Chi and Qigong and the holistic concept of health, through the practice of slow gentle meditative movement that enhances one’s well-being.
  • Relaxation: As an opportunity to wind down and balance one’s  lifestyle.
  • Gentle Exercise in a group exercise session: we CAN age gracefully, so use it or lose it!
  • Past Tai Chi Practitioners, who wish to ‘get back into it’ without re-learning a previous series’.
The TQE program is a continuous course of the same exercises practised each week. You are always guided to perform each stance or movement  within your own limitations and abilities (which are ever changing) and all exercises are modelled and instructed by the instructor slowly during their practice.

In this way the movements are gradually learned over time and also one gradually understands and experiences the idea of  ’stillness within movement’and ‘movement with in stillness’ which are goals of Tai Chi and Qigong practice.

This program encourages awareness of one’s inner state -how one is feeling- alongside practising the ‘outer or visible’ movements of the Tai Chi exercises. In this way the focus is not on competitive aspects or only the visible improvements but also on the contemplative and meditative aspects. How one feels is always setting the scene for your own physical experience. Tai Chi is not only  for physical improvement, to be practised as a sport, but  also as a mindful healing art for the whole of one’s being.

The Taiji Centre’s Foundations  program differs from other Tai Chi programs taught previously, as the emphasis is upon correct practice of key principles rather than learning a new movement pattern each week. 

The Taiji and Qigong Exercises course is suited to all levels of Tai Chi background because its practice is always enhancing one’s health and fitness, and after a period of famialiarisation, personal improvements begin to be noticed.

An aim of the TQE program is also to foster a positive attitude to  exercising, and to operate in a non-competitive friendly atmosphere. Generally, Tai Chi participants notice improved feelings of energy and well-being from regular sessions.


Sun Style 12 Form Tai Chi / Part 1 – The First 6 forms followed by Part 2 – the Second 6 “Advanced” forms.

This is a recent additional session suited to experienced practitioners, and currently only available at the 7 pm Churchill venue evening session.


Although Tai Chi  is recommended for most people, these classes are NOT always suitable for everyone. Please feel free to discuss with Julie, beforehand AND if you have a current health condition, please be advised by your medical practitioner, noting that ALL medical conditions or treatments may increase your risk for participation, and so require a medical certificate for attendance.