Fees and Conditions

FEES and CONDITIONS (To be updated when Post-Covid19 classes resume)

  1. Medical Certificate: ALL persons must sign a declaration that they are in sound health OR to provide a Medical Certificate to support their participation in TTC classes.
  2. Free Trial: The first week of attendance (at any time during the term) is a Free Trial for newcomers or if attending a different Course Program
  3. Term Fee ($30 or $20 conc.) This is non- refundable.
  4. Fee No. 1_”Term Fee” is due at the first week  attended or the next following free trial.
  5. Fee No. 2_”Attendance Fee”: $5.00 for ALL, is payable at each session attended. (Except for the newcomers’ free trial session).
  6. Credit will no longer be applied for pro-rata class attendance (unless by request due to exceptional circumstances), where the formula will default to credit for the total paid difference from the total of Single session fees @ rate of $10.
  7.  A Single Session Fee Option (apart from the trial session) is $10 for all.
  8. Up-Front Total Term Payment Option also exists for all Classes by arrangement, following the formula of Total of Applicable Term Fee plus the Scheduled number of term weeks @ $5. There is no discount offered – it is for attendee convenience only. Credit will be arranged for any missed sessions.
  9. Class Size is limited.
  10. Cancellation: TTC reserves the right to cancel the program (with notification).
  11. Pre-requisite: Please read through the information at Important Notice before starting your new class.
  12. Prior booking: This is required to ensure that class placement is available.
  13. Note *Dates and Venues are subject to Changes. These will be advised at preceding sessions, the News Link at the website  , or by direct contact as needed.

Please note: The “TTC Registration Form” and Class Notices Summarising the Website information, are currently available at classes or  by request.