Hot Weather

Please note that Hot Weather Guidelines are different between the Venues 

Hot Weather Sessions – Morwell

Hot weather is a problem for class attendance, and although the cooling fans suffice in mildly hot weather, since neither of my Morwell venues have air conditioners available for your very hot middle of the day sessions, the following will apply as needed for Term 1 & 4  sessions as below.

1.When a session occurs on a day with the expected temp of 35C or over, the session will be automatically cancelled. You may wish to contact me on the day if there’s any uncertainty.

2. However please advise your apologies on other hot days, if you feel that the conditions are inappropriate for your participation at the class.

I will monitor and review this to see whether the 35 degree at cut-off is most appropriate. (This cut-off temperature may be reduced depending on attendance levels.)

Hot Weather Sessions – Churchill

The Hub venue has suitable air conditioning; therefore classes will NOT be automatically cancelled in extremely hot 35C and over weather. However please advise your apologies, if you feel that the conditions are inappropriate for your participation. (I will also monitor the situation and advise future cancellation if needed.)

REMINDER: In addition to the above, to ALL attendees (both venues), please ensure that you bring an adequate water container to refresh yourself during the session and dress to the conditions on these days. I am very sorry but being barefoot is NOT an option – suitable covered footwear (not sandals / thongs) must be worn in class!