Julie Lucas (Instructor)

  • Has over 25 years Taiji (Tai Chi) experience commencing with the Yang style Beijing Taijiquan forms, the combination forms for health promoted by Dr Paul Lam and more recently with the Wu (Hao) and Chen Taijiquan styles each of which has distinct characteristics.
  • Is currently a student at the Chen Style Taijiquan Academy of Master Peter Wu (Shizeng) Melb, studying Fajin technique within the Chen Long Fist form.
  • Simultaneously  many Qigong health forms  have been studied which includes Qi cultivation and harmonisation through specific stances/movements, breathing and intent as listed below.

Taijiquan Experience:

Beijing  24, 48, & 42  Forms _ Eric Miller (formerly TCCKA -Vic)

Beijing Sword 32 and 42 Forms_ E Miller

‘Authentic Yang’ 86 form as taught by Fu Sheng Yang  (Perth,Aust)

Chen Xiaowang 38 forms_ E Miller

Tai Chi Fan_ E. Miller, Brad Thompson (formerly TCCKA-Vic)

Beijing 42 forms_ Prof Men Huifeng (BUPE @Monash, Gippsland)

‘Beijing 12’ forms _ Han Jinsong ( Tai Chi Australia- Melb)

Beijing 42 forms and 42 sword private tuition_ Charles Tsui-Po(Golden Lion Academy-Vic)

Silk Reeling Exercises_ Master Chen Xiaowang_Melb

Tai Chi For Arthritis (Dr Paul Lam -Syd)

Chen 36 forms_Kam Lau Fung (BHTCC- Syd)

Hao 32 Select forms_Master Peter Wu (CSTA-Melb)

Jin Training 1-5_Master Peter Wu Shizeng (CSTA- Melb) 2009 >

Hao 39 Canon Fist_ Master Peter Wu Shizeng (CSTA- Melb) 2012

Hao 39 Canon Fist Applications_Master Peter Wu Shizeng (CSTA- Melb) 2012-2013

Hao 81 “Old Frame”_Master Peter Wu Shizeng (CSTA- Melb) 2012 -13

Chen Long Fist with Taijiquan Applications_Master Peter Wu Shizeng (CSTA-Melb) 2014 >

Qigong Experience:

Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi _ E. Miller, (Traralgon) Han Jinsong. (Melb)

Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi _ Master Wing Cheung (Melb) 2009

Zhan Zhuang postures_Howard Choy _formerly Syd

Dao Yin 8 _ Heart and circulation, Prof Zhang Guang de_China

Dao Yin 42_Prof Zhang Guang de_BUPE – Beijing,China

Ba Duan jin_ 8 treasures_ Howard Choy, Sam Au (Melb) and others

Yin Yang walking_ Howard Choy  (Ex Balmain Sydney)


Current Certifications and Memberships:

  • Accredited NCAS Level 1 Coach -Tai Chi (minimum requirement – 5 years Tai Chi experience)
  • Updated as needed since 1995
  • Member of  KungFu WuShu Vic (KWV – state branch of KungFu WuShu Australia(KWA), the National Sporting Organisation and Peak Body for Kung Fu (Wushu) in Australia.
  • Signatory to the MAIA Code of Conduct
  • Work Place Safety (Level 2) First Aid
  • Member of Tai Chi Association Australia Inc. (TCAA Inc.)
  • Professional Insurance

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