Julie Lucas (Instructor)

  • Has over 25 years Taiji (Tai Chi) experience commencing with the Yang “Beijing” Style, “Health and Competition Tai Chi forms; the combination forms for health promoted by Dr Paul Lam and more recently, the Wu (Hao) and Chen Taijiquan (Martial) styles each of which has distinct characteristics.
  • Is currently a student at the Chen Style Taijiquan Academy of Master Peter Wu (Shizeng) Melb, studying Extension Force (Fajin) technique within the Chen Long Fist, Sword and Pole forms.
  • Has had training experience with several  Qigong teachers.  These introduced the concepts and practice of health forms for Qi cultivation and harmonisation through specific stances/movements, breathing and intent as listed below.

Taijiquan Experience:

Beijing  24, 48, & 42  Forms _ Eric Miller (formerly TCCKA -Vic)

Beijing Sword 32 and 42 Forms_ E Miller

‘Authentic Yang’ 86 form as taught by Fu Sheng Yang  (Perth,Aust)

Chen Xiaowang 38 forms_ E Miller

Tai Chi Fan_ E. Miller, Brad Thompson (formerly TCCKA-Vic)

Beijing 42 forms_ Prof Men Huifeng (BUPE @Monash, Gippsland)

‘Beijing 12’ forms _ Han Jinsong ( Tai Chi Australia- Melb)

Beijing 42 forms and 42 sword private tuition_ Charles Tsui-Po(Golden Lion Academy-Vic)

Silk Reeling Exercises_ Master Chen Xiaowang_Melb

Tai Chi For Arthritis (Dr Paul Lam -Syd)

Chen 36 forms_Kam Lau Fung (BHTCC- Syd)

Hao 32 Select forms_Master Peter Wu (CSTA-Melb)

Jin Training 1-5_Master Peter Wu Shizeng (CSTA- Melb) 2009 >

Hao 39 Canon Fist_ Master Peter Wu Shizeng (CSTA- Melb) 2012

Hao 39 Canon Fist Applications_Master Peter Wu Shizeng (CSTA- Melb) 2012-2013

Hao 81 “Old Frame”_Master Peter Wu Shizeng (CSTA- Melb) 2012 -13

Chen Long Fist with Taijiquan Applications_Master Peter Wu Shizeng (CSTA-Melb) 2014 >

Qigong Experience:

Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi _ E. Miller, (Traralgon) Han Jinsong. (Melb)

Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi _ Master Wing Cheung (Melb) 2009

Zhan Zhuang postures_Howard Choy _formerly Syd

Dao Yin 8 _ Heart and circulation, Prof Zhang Guang de_China

Dao Yin 42_Prof Zhang Guang de_BUPE – Beijing,China

Ba Duan jin_ 8 treasures_ Howard Choy, Sam Au (Melb) and others

Yin Yang walking_ Howard Choy  (Ex Balmain Sydney)

Current Certifications and Memberships:

  • Accredited NCAS Level 1 Coach -Tai Chi 1995 – 2024 (minimum requirement – 5 years Tai Chi experience)
  • Member of  KungFu WuShu Vic (KWV – state branch of KungFu WuShu Australia(KWA), the National Sporting Organisation and Peak Body for Kung Fu (Wushu) in Australia.
  • Signatory to the MAIA Code of Conduct
  • Work Place Safety (Level 2) First Aid
  • Member of Tai Chi Association Australia Inc. (TCAA Inc.)
  • Professional Insurance